Wonder City

Wonder City is a new 30 page chapbook from Plan B Press. This collection includes a few favorite poems from literary magazines and new poems created  in New York. Copies are available from Plan B Press.


Bar Stories

BarcoverFunny and sad, heart breaking and hilarious, this collection of short stories centers on tales of bars, bartenders, bar culture, and the alcohol fueled romance of the liquid life. Published by Bottom Dog Press in their Working Class Lives Series, Bar Stories gives readers a peek inside the bar life of Anywhere, USA with stories from a diverse group of writers including Lee K. Abbott, M.O Walsh, Lou Fisher, Robert Flanagan, Karl Elder, and Lee Capps. Available from SPD, Powell’s Books, and Amazon.


White Ink: Poems on Mothers and Motherhood


Edited by poet Rishma Dunlop, and published by Demeter Press, a feminist academic press  at York University in Toronto, Canada, White Ink is a rare collection by some of the finest poets on motherhood. I am honored to have two poems in this edition and to be included with such outstanding poets as  Joy Harjo, Sharon Olds, Gwendolyn Brooks, Grace Paley, Marilyn Hacker, Natasha Trethewey, Rita Dove, Adrienne Rich, Molly Peacock, Annie Finch, Maxine Kumin, Louise Glück, and many others. Available from Demeter Press, Amazon, and elsewhere.

The Cento: A Collection of Collage Poems 


The Cento: A Collection of Collage Poems, edited by Theresa Malphrus Welford and published by Red Hen Press, features an extensive sampling of centos, collage poems, and patchwork poems. My cento, Giant  is included with poems written by Nicole Andonov, Lorna Blake, Alex Cigale, Allan Douglass Coleman, Philip Dacey, Sharon Dolin, Annie Finch, Jack Foley,  and many others.Available from Red Hen Press, Amazon, and elsewhere.


Encyclopedia of Motherhood


The first ever on the topic, the Encyclopedia of Motherhood published by SAGE and edited by Andrea O’Reilly has more than 700 entries. I am pleased to have contributed three entries to this ground breaking encyclopedia including one on the current status of motherhood in the State of Virginia. The three volume encyclopedia provides information on the central terms, concepts, topics, issues, and texts of motherhood. Available from SAGE.

Ourselves as Students: Multicultural Voices in the Classroom

Published by Southern Illinois University Press, the focus of this collection of essays is on the influence of gender, race, class, and ethnic origin in the classroom. Edited by the Broad Minds Collective: Kaaren Ancarrow, Nan Byrne, Jeanne Caggiano, and Anita Fellman. Available from Amazon.


Uncertain Territory

Uncertain Territory from Angelfish Press is now out of print.  However, a copy or two though can sometimes be found on Amazon.  More a collection of feminisms on motherhood than a book of formal verse many of the poems appeared in Critical Matrix: The Princeton Journal of Women, Gender, and Culture.