48 Hour Day

So you want to work in cable television? The first question to ask yourself is how much sleep do I really need? Long hours and late nights are the norm in this deadline driven industry. Whether you’re working in-house editing at the local production company or hitting the bricks as a story producer, or associate for anyone who will pay your freight, the actual day-to-day of cable production can look a lot like factory employment with mandatory shift work. In real terms that means you will be spending more than a few evenings in a windowless room or foam board cubicle with only a computer screen, camera, or video editing software for company.

Doesn’t sound like the glamour job that you expected? Have no fear, there is an up side. Any embarrassing taste that you may have had for that namby- pamby Starbucks stuff will be replaced by a true affection for Red Bull, and as an added benefit you will have ample opportunity to get to know the cleaning crew. This last bit worked nicely for me when I needed contacts in the gang world for a documentary.