Author: nanbyrne

Multimedia Stories

You don’t need me to tell you that the world is moving away from print based storytelling. Today even Pulitzer Prize winning journalists are teaming up with videographers, graphic artists, and photographers to provide a visual component to their stories.  The good news is that multimedia storytelling has never been easier. The dark days of using HTML code are all… Read more →

48 Hour Day

So you want to work in cable television? The first question to ask yourself is how much sleep do I really need? Long hours and late nights are the norm in this deadline driven industry. Whether you’re working in-house editing at the local production company or hitting the bricks as a story producer, or associate for anyone who will pay… Read more →

Born Into Babylon

I grew up in Babylon, a small village on the south shore of Long Island. Babylon was a magical place of waterfalls, windmills, and spooky abandoned mansions. As a kid I could pack more than a few adventures into a single day and still be home in time for dinner. My daily companions were a rag tag bunch of neighborhood… Read more →

Shit My Dad Did

There they were on the shelf in the public library. My library. Seven copies of the book, Shit My Dad Says lined up in perfect blue gray hard cover. The impact was staggering. What was the world coming to? Over the years I had become used to the fickle, trendy whims of television programming where the latest hot commodity whether fashion,… Read more →